Early Super Release

At Mary River Dental, we want everyone to have access to quality dental care. That’s why we accept Early Release of Superannuation (ERS) for dental treatments. ERS is a government initiative to allow individuals to access their superannuation before they reach retirement age.
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Early Super Release

Early Super Release Gives You
Access to Quality Dental Care

Early super release can be a great option for those who need to pay for dental treatments but
don’t have the finances available. You can apply for early super release through the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Book an appointment

Schedule an appointment at Mary River Dental. Please inform our staff that you will be using early access to your super when you book the appointment.

Download the application form

Download and fill out the form from the ATO website, and bring it to your appointment at Mary River Dental.

Enjoy your treatment

You can now enjoy your treatment at Mary River Dental. The dentist will fill out the needed information on your form, which you can then directly submit to the ATO for processing.

Get Your Superannuation Early for Dental Services

Dental care is important and should not be neglected. With early super release, you can use your superannuation funds to pay for preventive, general, and restorative dentistry at Mary River Dental.

Compassionate grounds.

You can access your superannuation funds before retirement on compassionate grounds if you meet certain conditions. You will be able to request an early release of funds from your superannuation, depending on the cost and necessity of the dental treatment.

Accessible funds.

You can access your super early to cover the costs of your treatment or the treatment of your family members. You can also apply for early super release for the full or partial cost of the procedure.

Peace of mind.

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can make paying for necessary dental treatment difficult. Early Release of Superannuation can be used for dental care at Mary River Dental, so you can get the treatment you need without worrying about the costs.

Eligibility requirements.

To be eligible, you must have no dental insurance, cannot afford the cost, and have not yet paid for the procedure. Furthermore, dental treatment should not be readily accessible through public health systems and should be performed by a licensed dentist.

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