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Dealing with a dental emergency can be overwhelming and distressing. The pain can be excruciating, whether it’s a severe toothache, a dental injury, or a knocked-out tooth. In times like these, waiting for a regular dental appointment may not be an option. You need immediate relief and professional care to address the urgent dental issue that has disrupted your daily tasks and seriously threatens your oral health.

Mary River Dental offers emergency dentistry in Hervey Bay to provide timely treatment for unexpected dental problems. Our team is equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies and can thus help alleviate your pain.

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At Mary River Dental, we provide comprehensive emergency dentistry in Hervey Bay to address various dental emergencies. From excruciating toothaches and bleeding gums to tooth abscesses and chipped or cracked teeth, our skilled team offers prompt care to alleviate pain and prevent further damage.


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Mary River Dental can be the choice for individuals facing a dental emergency in Hervey Bay. We focus on creating a welcoming and worry-free environment, offering exceptional customer service that prioritises your well-being. Moreover, our modern dental equipment allows us to address the problem efficiently. We maintain a strong commitment to patient safety, strictly adhering to high standards for optimal oral care and restoring smiles.
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Receive immediate dental care from experienced dentists and compassionate dental staff. We take pride in having proficiency in handling dental emergencies and support you.

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QIP regularly assesses our dental clinic to maintain continuous improvement. We comply with high-level dental practice methods to help us deliver safe dental treatments.

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Several payment plan options are available, making emergency dental care more accessible, particularly at the least expected times. This helps you get the necessary treatment that fits your budget.

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We provide a comprehensive range of dental services, making us your go-to destination for all dental needs, including emergency dentists in Hervey Bay.


At Mary River Dental, we understand that dental care can be expensive. That’s why we offer a range of payment options to help make our services more affordable and accessible for everyone in the community. We accept all health funds, credit card payments, and cash. We also offer payment plans and participate in certain government dental schemes.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Emergency Dentists

Dental emergencies can happen anytime, and sometimes at the least expected time.
We provide answers to commonly asked questions so you can gain valuable insights into
emergency dentistry to help you handle such situations.

When a tooth abscess is getting worse and causing severe pain, we highly recommend seeking dental care from the dentist rather than going to the emergency room. Dental professionals are specifically trained to handle dental emergencies and provide necessary treatment. However, if this seems impossible in your case, you may proceed to the emergency room to receive first aid, but you will need further assessment at the dental clinic. The health care professionals there will need to refer you or call your dentist for further treatment.

At Mary River Dental, we have emergency dentistry in Hervey Bay to assess the problem and give a proper diagnosis.

A tooth infection will not improve without being addressed by a dental professional. The symptoms may seem to get better during the early stages, but they need to receive treatment. Otherwise, the dental abscess will progress after 5 to 12 months, and the infection can travel to nearby areas, causing more serious oral and overall health complications. In the worst case, it can be life-threatening.

Here are some of the things you can do at home to get temporary relief if you have a severe toothache and can’t reach a dentist. It’s important to note that the following tips are only for providing temporary relief, and you should still consider consulting a dental professional to appropriate care.

  • Over-the-counter pain medications.
    We only recommend taking pain medications if the pain is intolerable. Be mindful about taking them and read the instructions carefully to prevent adverse effects.

  • Salt water rinse.
    Rinse your mouth with warm salt water to provide relief and also mitigate infection.

  • Cold therapy.
    Apply a cold pack to the side of your cheek where you have a toothache. It helps to reduce swelling.

  • Garlic.
    Garlic has a natural antibacterial ingredient that may help reduce bacteria and thus reduce discomfort. You can apply garlic directly to the painful tooth.

The following are signs and symptoms that your tooth infection might be spreading to the other parts of your mouth and body.

  • You feel unwell in general.
  • High fever.
  • Facial swelling.
  • Dehydration of the body.

When you experience any of the symptoms above, seeing a dentist to assess your condition and provide immediate care as soon as possible is crucial. Seeking professional help can prevent the tooth infection from worsening and result in irreversible damage.

The decision will depend on the extent of the tooth infection. In the initial stages, the dentist will aim to mitigate the abscess by draining the pus. They may also recommend root canal treatment to save the affected tooth. However, if the infection has progressed deep into the inner part of the tooth, the last option is pulling it or extraction.

An emergency dentist in Hervey Bay at Mary River Dental can perform a comprehensive evaluation of the tooth using diagnostic tools to determine the appropriate way to address the infected tooth.

If you have the following problems concerning you for a few days, it may be a sign that you need dental emergency care. We advised you to contact the emergency dentist in Hervey Bay for an assessment.

  • Persistent dental pain.
    The general rule to know whether your dental problem is an emergency is when the patient is experiencing excruciating pain that lingers for a few days.

  • Severe crack or chip in the tooth.
    While minor cracks can wait for the regular business hours of the dental clinic to have a checkup, major damage to the teeth requires urgent care from the dentist. Such a case can allow foreign materials, debris, and bacteria to penetrate the inside of the tooth, which may increase the chance of infection and pose serious risks.

  • Ongoing bleeding of gums.
    If your gums bleed easily and have been occurring for several days already, it can indicate a serious problem that necessitates emergency dental treatment.

  • Knocked-out tooth.
    Sudden loss of a tooth requires urgent treatment from the dentist to increase the chances of saving the knocked-out tooth.

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