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Welcome to Mary River Dental, your local provider of implant-retained dentures in Maryborough. We are proud to offer this innovative technology to our patients, which provides many benefits over traditional dentures.
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Experience Implant-Retained Dentures: The Revolutionary Alternative

Ill-fitting dentures can be a significant problem, impacting your quality of life. Implant dentures in Maryborough are held in place by surgically placed dental implants. They provide greater stability and a more natural look.

Improved comfort, security, and stability.

Because implants are anchored in the jawbone, they provide a solid foundation for your dentures. Unlike regular dentures, you won't have to worry about them becoming loose or slipping out of place.

Improved eating and speaking functions.

It can be difficult to talk or chew with loose dentures. Because of the stability of implant-retained dentures, you'll be able to enjoy your favourite foods and speak clearly.

Enhanced smile, appearance, and confidence.

Implant-retained dentures will help you feel more confident about your appearance by giving you a beautiful smile. Plus, they stimulate jaw bone growth, which maintains your facial structure.

Long-lasting and natural-looking results.

Thanks to advances in dental technology, implant-retained dentures are longer lasting. And they provide a natural look. With proper care, they can last many years without needing a replacement.

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Why Choose Mary River Dental

At Mary River Dental, we believe in providing our patients with consistent, high-quality dental care. The skilled dentists here offer a full range of dental services, including implant-retained dentures. This way, we can help you on your journey to better oral health. We provide personalised treatment plans to give you a positive dental experience. Our office is fully equipped with the latest equipment and technology, so you’re in good hands.
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Experienced Dentists and Friendly Staff

We truly believe in putting our patients first. Our team at Mary River Dental is composed of experienced dentists. They are dedicated to providing you with high-quality denture with implants in Maryborough.

QIP-Accredited Dental Practice

At our QIP-accredited dental practice, we have been providing excellent services to patients for many years. We prioritise your safety and comfort during your appointments for implant dentures in Maryborough.

Multiple Payment Options To Suit Your Budget

Denture with implants in Maryborough is a significant investment. We want you to get the care you need without worrying about the cost. That's why we offer flexible payment plans.

One-Stop Location for All Your Dental Needs

Aside from implant-retained dentures, we offer a wide range of dental procedures. We have a comprehensive suite of treatments, which means we can handle all your dental needs in one convenient location.

We Offer A Range Of Payment Options

At Mary River Dental, we understand that dental care can be expensive. That’s why we offer a range of payment options to help make our services more affordable and accessible for everyone in the community. We accept all health funds, credit card payments, and cash. We also offer payment plans and participate in certain government dental schemes.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Implant-Retained Dentures

We know that getting implant-retained dentures in Maryborough is a big decision.
And you may have many questions about the dental implant procedure.
We’ve compiled answers to some of our patients’ most common questions.

It is not recommended that you wear new dentures when sleeping. Constant contact with your gums can lead to discomfort or other issues. Remember to remove your dentures every night to give your oral tissues and implant sites a rest. This is also the time to clean your dental appliances.

The average time it takes for the surgery to be completed is 90 minutes to an hour. However, each patient is different, and some may have a faster treatment time. Any invasive procedure carries risks, so they can vary. This can change depending on factors such as:

  • The number of implants to be placed
  • The condition of your jawbone
  • The complexity of your case
  • The skill of your qualified health practitioner

The surgical procedure can typically be done in one dental visit. But, you will need to wait for your jaw bones to heal and integrate with the implants. This can take 3-6 months, depending on your unique case. Once this has happened, you will be fitted with your new dentures.

The main difference between the two procedures is the number of implants used. Implant-retained dentures are attached to the jaw using only a few strategically placed implants. Implant-supported dentures use multiple implants to help support and stabilise your prosthetic teeth.

An important factor in determining which treatment option is right for you is your jawbone structure. Implant-retained dentures are more suitable for those with less bone density. This is because the implants will be placed in areas with denser bone, which helps provide more support for your dentures.

The number of implants used to hold your dentures will depend on different factors. However, in most cases, a minimum of four implants are required to hold your new teeth in place securely. Implants placed in the upper jaw may need more to adequately support your dentures.

The dentists at Mary River Dental will work with you to determine the right number of implants for your unique situation. Call us today to schedule a consultation visit.

Implant-retained dentures work by placing small titanium posts into your jawbone. These posts are strategically placed to provide a strong and stable foundation for your dentures. Your dentist will usually insert them in a single procedure. And they will eventually integrate with your natural bone in a few to several months.

Once this has occurred, your dentures will be fitted on top of the posts, providing a stable and functional hold.

One of the great benefits of implant dentures is that they look and feel just like your natural teeth. They are designed to match your mouth, natural smile, and facial features. So, you can enjoy all the same functions and aesthetic appeal as with normal dentures.

This implant treatment involves removable dentures for cleaning and maintenance like conventional dentures. However, unlike regular dentures that can slip or shift in your mouth, implant-retained dentures are secured into place.

This option for people allows them to enjoy the same benefits of a fixed prosthesis, such as improved speech and eating habits. And they would still be able to remove it for proper oral care routines to maintain good dental health.

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